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Bathroom Renovation Tips: 3 Things to Remember

by Margus Deery 03/27/2022

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you likely already have certain design elements in mind. Many bathroom renovations can solve a problem like lack of space, old fixtures or outdated decor. Some renovations can simply beautify the space to give it a fresh face and feel. No matter the reason or inspiration for your project, there are some very important pieces that are often forgotten. Here we’ll go over some commonly forgotten details in bathroom renovations to help you.


Storage may seem like less of a priority in a bathroom than in other rooms of the home. However, because bathrooms are such small spaces, planning storage solutions for your design is crucial from the start of the process. Keep storage space in mind when choosing pieces like your counters and sinks. If you absolutely love the aesthetic of a floating sink, make up for the lack of attached storage by installing some built-in cabinets or shelving. Think about the supplies you want to have easily accessible and make room for them in your design. If you prefer to keep personal items out of sight, consider adding cabinets or drawers. As long as you remember that practicality is just as important as style, you’ll come up with the best storage solutions for your bathroom project.


Lighting is an obvious part of any renovation, but bathroom lighting is special because it requires careful planning. You want your bathroom to be well-lit for functionality but also for ambiance and a flattering reflection. A single bright light in the ceiling will cause unsightly shadows and make the room appear smaller by concealing corners. Instead, add several smaller light sources to boost the ambient light and a comfortable glow. Try task lighting in larger bathrooms to focus on specific areas like the vanity or shower. In smaller spaces, keep the lighting soft but bright enough to carry out personal tasks and find the supplies you need. Nobody wants a dark bathroom, but an uncomfortably bright bathroom can be just as off-putting.


Electrical outlets are an incredibly important detail to include in your design plans from the very beginning. If you’re doing extensive renovation that requires electrical work, remember the small personal appliances and items and the room’s lighting scheme. Things like hair dryers, electric shavers and toothbrushes will need convenient outlet access. A great way to make sure your outlets are in the right place is to go through your various bathroom routines and make notes of any pain points. Pay attention to details like cord lengths and how many items you may need plugged in at the same time to charge overnight. If you like to listen to music while you shower or get ready in the morning, make sure there’s somewhere to plug in your portable speakers or smartphone.

No matter what your needs or visions are for your bathroom, always consult professionals when dealing with plumbing and electrical work. Outlet and light placement will need to adhere to the proper safety requirements and your personal needs. Keeping these tips in mind will help you avoid some common renovation mistakes and insure your complete satisfaction with your new bathroom.

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